Kitchen Remodel #3

kitchen remodel-07 kitchen remodel-06 kitchen remodel-05 kitchen remodel-09Kitchen Remodel #3

In this remodel I painted the cabinets with Cabinet Rescue Paint which I tinted until I got the kind of vintage blue color I wanted. I gave the ugly-laminate-fake-butcher block- countertop a faux granite look with a great product called Giani Granite Countertop Paint. The kit comes with everything you need including a primer-basecoat, three different “minerals”, automotive polyurethane topcoat, roller arm and pads, foam brushes, sponges for applying minerals and both illustrated instructions and a DVD. Best of all it is reasonably priced.  The folks at customer service (no I don’t work for Giani) are really helpful too. When I didn’t like how the basecoat turned out the first time they sent me a new can at no cost. Awesome!

I installed small glass tiles from Home Depot in shades of blue and gray above the counter. I would have loved to use subway tiles and go all the way up to the cabinets but it was too expensive (maybe later). I also left off the doors on a few of the upper cabinets so I could display my dishes and collectibles. I love the look of open shelving but I was leery of what I would find if I started tearing out the cabinets so I decided to go the safer route. Rule number one of DIY…never start something you may have to pay someone else a lot of money to fix.


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3 Responses to Kitchen Remodel #3

  1. I like this combo the best out of all four…the blue is very soft and relaxing.

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