Le Jardin 2

Le Jardin 2

My garden is my sanctuary, my own little corner of Provence.

Garden Fence-01garden fence-0002

This is our backyard before our last redo. We had laid 16″ brick pavers to make a small patio for the barbeque grill. It looked good for a couple of years but eventually started lifting due to tree roots growing beneath it. The fence was covered with red/orange passion flowers which were beautiful when in bloom but were so unkempt and heavy that the fence was leaning from the weight.

garden fence-0003          garden fence-0006The patio and barbeque area with new pavers, one of the few things that we didn’t do ourselves. Two years ago some very generous friends and co-workers got a wonderful local builder to install a handicap accessible shower for my husband after he had two strokes. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, they also made this little garden sanctuary for us to enjoy when my husband came home after nine months in a neurological rehabilitation facility.

garden fence-0001  Old windowpane planter from garage sale

I found this lovely vintage window frame planter at an estate sale. I had intended to paint it but I love the aged wood and rusted metal against the weathered fence. Finding this piece set the stage for my entire fence design. It is the perfect backdrop to compliment the brightly colored flowers and greenery.

Garden Fence-14         Garden Fence-16

After removing the stakes from plastic solar lights found at the dollar store, they fit perfectly into the metal top of small mason jars. In keeping with the whole vintage garden look, I put two of the mason jar solar lights into old glass and metal lanterns which I hung upside down on the fence posts and fashioned wire hangers for the others.

Garden Fence-26  Garden Fence-24  I hung ferns and ivy plants on the fence and planted in pots around the patio. I also planted a variety of flowers pictured below.

Garden Fence-19 African Iris and Asiatic Jasmine

Ground Orchids




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"In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away" Shing Xiong. My quest is my passion to find beauty in all things. To remember to try to live in the moment, to really “see” and hopefully to capture the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. I aspire to transcend traditional ideas and to creatively through my photographs express my own unique point of view.
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