Le Jardin 3


To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn”


house and trees

This is our little house before we bought it in 2001. I loved all of the trees; palms, oaks, ficus, and pines.  It was like having our own small forest in town. Unfortunately within months of buying our house many of the pines on our street became diseased and had to be cut down.

Yard Makeover part 1-01Yard Makeover part 1-02

Not easily deterred, we laid sod and planted shrubs and flowers where the pines had been.

Yard Makeover part 1-04 Yard Makeover part 1-03 Welcome to our house, wish you were here!

We had a ton of river rock delivered and I turned the ugly gully in the front yard into a faux stream bed. A variety of large rocks, ferns, grasses, and flowers were planted on the banks of the “stream”

Then came Charlie, Frances, Ivan & Wilma in 2004 and 2005. This is what our yard looked like in the aftermath of those storms.

Yard Makeover part 1-10 Yard Makeover part 1-14 Yard Makeover part 1-12

Compared to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and even many here in Florida after those four storms we were so very lucky. Our little wood-framed, stucco covered house withstood winds in excess of 115 miles an hour and only suffered some roof and other minor damage and downed trees.

And so you plant again…

Garden-003  Knockout Roses

…a few flowers &

a little bit of Zen.


I took some time off from gardening for a couple years when my husband got sick in 2011. Weekends were spent driving a couple of hours to the neurological rehabilitation center where he was recovering from bi-lateral strokes. Thanks to some wonderful therapists and my husband’s own indomitable will, he was able to come home last year and we began the process of rebuilding our lives. And I began to plant again…

Garden-063 Garden-037 Garden-046  Garden-060

Vintage Wrought Iron Table & Chair Garden-079

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”

It’s hard to pick up the pieces of your life after tragedy strikes. At first you start by just trying to go through the motions of everyday life. You don’t think about tomorrow because all of your energy is put into trying to get through today. Besides the future is a scary place, you never know what terrible thing may happen next. Eventually you try to find something that makes you feel happy again, if not for yourself than for those who love you. And then one day you start to notice again the beauty in the world around you. The little things that make you smile, a flower, a butterfly, the sea, your new kitten. And you begin to feel hopeful again. For me planting a garden is believing in tomorrow, it’s knowing that if you plant a seed, in time and with care, something beautiful will grow. 


About joliepetitemaison

"In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away" Shing Xiong. My quest is my passion to find beauty in all things. To remember to try to live in the moment, to really “see” and hopefully to capture the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. I aspire to transcend traditional ideas and to creatively through my photographs express my own unique point of view.
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