My Dog Charlie

This is Charlie when he was a cute little puppy. He was my son’s 13th birthday present.

My Dog Charlie

Fourteen years later Charlie is old and fat but still cute. Charlie became our dog when my son went away to college nine years ago. As you can see Charlie is a very happy dog.

Charlie-3       Charlie-1

I however am not always happy with Charlie. He has quite a few bad habits, one of which is running away if he can slip out the door. When I try to get Charlie up in the morning to go out he drags his old, fat, tired body out of bed very slowly. Quite understandable that at fourteen he is slowing down, I can relate.

So yesterday, after a hard week at work I was looking forward to going to my favorite place, the garden shop at Lowe’s to buy flowers and vegetables for my garden. As I opened the door to leave a brown blur flew by me and up the street. I jumped in the car in pursuit as I know from experience that I can’t catch him on foot. It is amazing how fast he can move those short legs and that old, fat body when he is trying to escape. Fortunately, a neighbor down the street grabbed him and held him until I got there.

So like a good dog he jumps in the driver’s side and then when he is trying to jump over the gearshift to the passenger side he doesn’t quite make it (again old, short and fat). I gave him a little help and was about to drive him home and head out to Lowe’s. Uh, oh…the car is stuck in park! Evidently fat dogs and gear shifts are not a good mix.

Some kindly, mechanically-inclined neighbors tried to help me for about an hour. We were all on the web on our smart phones searching forums for advice. Seems this is not a unique problem to Nissans and there were a number of easy fixes all of which we tried. The simplest fix entailed sticking a small screwdriver in a little hole next to the shifter which is supposed to release the lock. No dice.

So here I am on a beautiful weekend car-less after having it towed to be fixed (can’t wait to see how much it’s going to cost). No walking on the beach, no going to Lowe’s, no grocery shopping (not such a bad thing)…

The good news is I have a lot of weeding that I have been putting off, it’s a beautiful day and I still love Charlie the fat dog (well sort of).


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"In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away" Shing Xiong. My quest is my passion to find beauty in all things. To remember to try to live in the moment, to really “see” and hopefully to capture the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. I aspire to transcend traditional ideas and to creatively through my photographs express my own unique point of view.
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One Response to My Dog Charlie

  1. loisajay says:

    Thank you so much for the like.
    Charlie is not too cute, is he? Amazing what ‘adorableness’ gets away with. I hope the car repair bill was not too high. Oh, the antics. Still getting a chuckle out of this blog.

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