DIY Privacy Screen



planter 7

As I’ve said in previous posts about gardening, my yard is my sanctuary. With a limited budget I have attempted to create a few intimate, casual areas where I can sit and enjoy my small gardens in peace and quiet. My yard has quite a few trees and flowers which attract birds, squirrels, butterflies and even an occasional humming bird.

The houses in my neighborhood are fairly close together which doesn’t afford much privacy. I am fortunate to have an old wooden stockade fence on one side of the back yard and a wall across the back of the property. I planted a coco plum hedge along the other side of the house about ten years ago which is now about twelve feet high but it only spans about thirty or forty feet between the houses. I salvaged some old wooden stockade fence segments from a previous neighbor which I intended to install from the hedge to the back wall. However, I haven’t been able to install it by myself (eight foot segments of fencing is really heavy) and paying someone to do it is just too expensive.

As you can see from the photo, there is a shed in my neighbor’s yard which is painted bright yellow. I’m not crazy about the color but it’s all of the broken work out stuff, furniture, etc. and piles of fallen palm fronds that are a bit of an eyesore. Don’t get me wrong, I like my neighbors and I get that their lifestyle doesn’t (as mine does) revolve around yard work and gardening but the junk is really kind of ruining the ambiance of my little rock garden area. So…

planter 1 planter 2

I got this idea from I bought two 48″ planters and four 24″ by 72″ trellises. The boxes and trellises come in a nice cedar color but I wanted something in a bright enough hue to distract me from the yellow shed. 

planter 3 planter 4

I used Valspar Ultra in “Sea Song” (as close to my favorite color “Provence” as I could find). A word of warning, painting trellises is time consuming…but so worth it, don’t you think?

planter 6

The trellises are screwed to the back of the planter boxes and inserted into metal spikes which anchor them in the ground. Now I just have to wait for the bleeding heart vines to grow!



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"In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away" Shing Xiong. My quest is my passion to find beauty in all things. To remember to try to live in the moment, to really “see” and hopefully to capture the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life. I aspire to transcend traditional ideas and to creatively through my photographs express my own unique point of view.
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2 Responses to DIY Privacy Screen

  1. fortiesgirl says:

    That looks lovely, I really like the blue contrasting with the yellow of your neighbours shed. Definitely worth the time painting the trellis x

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